A Ritual In Three Parts

josePLANET X: THE NU FANTASTIIK a ritual in three parts by Ishtar Bukakke (José Hernandez)

LinkUP Residency Fall Showcase at Links Hall

Friday September 27, 2013 at 8:00pm (opening night)

Critical Response by Hanna M. Owens


You have done a lot of good for your people and now you are ready to die. You’ve already tried to kill yourself before and now you need to find a successor. But everyone is smaller than you. You are bigger than everyone else your body immense and powerful and wide. You march your cult around in their flare around in a circle again and again they are celebrating you; you show them off all of them smitten with your shine and your glory. You shine like none of them do. In your fur and your layers all in white. She is beside you as you take your throne and your cult calms. She is a tower. I can’t see any of her you have hidden all of her; her brilliant crown sits atop of the curtain surrounding her. She remains beside you, guarding or waiting or taming, as you witness the rest of them  make their offerings attempting to prove their undying reverence. They lay out all sorts of delicious edibles and useables. Your troupe of 4 in all white now rummage through the offerings as you watched pleased, wide-mouthed breath and hissing eyes glowing still you shine more than anyone already. They perform ritual dances for you as proof of their commitment. One of the troupe of 4 in all white emerges and you have chosen your successor. It is the man. He has put on the heels. You rise and seat him at your throne, crowning him with the winged headdress, him then crowning you with the silver encrusted bull’s head. You explode the room into an immersion of gyrating bodies. She leaves quiet, calm and covered still

Your throne and Her

PLANET X: THE NU FANTASTIIK is the culminating work of Ishtar Bukkake, the counterpart to the artist José Hernandez. The role of Ishtar has been performed many times by Hernandez and the life cycle is now coming to an end. The artist offers the notion that the trans and queered body is the new future. On opening night, the first of three ritual events took place and a successor for Ishtar was chosen. Yet, the Nu Fantastiik, still clothed and quiet, remains to be awakened, to occur the third and last ritual night. She, in her trans-gendered, trans-sexualized body and spirit, will arise as the true Nu.

As read in the program pamphlet and online material, PLANET X: THE NU FANTASTIIK presents a future queer utopian society. Inspired greatly by the traditions of Japanese butoh dance, fetish ceremony, and rave culture, Ishtar Bukkake projects us through a tunnel filled with feminine, masculine, and trans energies illuminating “a new creation story for a post-apocalyptic world, where space can infiltrate place and the third sex is seen as the new divine.” Hernandez holds a BFA in performance.


The LinkUP 6-month residency program welcomes artists working in movement-based practices.

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